HS Envirotech services a variety of applications in “liquid” waste treatment and management. Whether it is a “heavy metals” removal application, “organic removal” or a “Total Dissolved Solids” removal application, we have the solution for you! We combine a variety of technologies to provide a optimum economical, yet robust solution for the treatment application.

Liquid waste treatment could range in applications for “turbid” surface water, “iron, manganese or arsenic” laden ground water or a high “organic/inorganic” contaminated industrial wastewater. Removal of specific heavy metals, refractory organic and inorganic contaminant using an umbrella of latest technologies is our specialization.


With Our Innovative Water, Wastewater and Reuse-Recycle Treatment
Remote camp sites
Resorts and Hotels
Residential and commercial complex
Automotive manufacturing
Palm Oil Processing
Pulp & Paper
Poultry Processing
Fish Processing
Food and Beverage
Bottled Water Production
Tobacco Processing
Chemical and petrochemical manufacturing
Snack food manufacturing
Vegetable oil processing and refining
Oil & Gas Industry
Electroplating and Phosphating
Starch and Viscose
Coffee, Tea processing and manufacturing
Breweries and Distilleries
Paints and Pigments
Rubber and Latex product processing
Sago processing
Sauce and condiment manufacturing
Textile & Tannery Processing
Slaughterhouse and Abattoirs
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